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    Varietes of Goods Offered in the Foreign Supply Duty-Free Shop Checked and Ratified by General Administration of Customs of the P.R.C. (Shujiaan〈1998〉No.469)

    ●leaf tobacco, cigar, cut tobacco, pipe, smoking accessories;

    ●alcoholic drinks, beverages, foodstuffs, food materials, sweets, etc.

    ●Fountain pens, lighters, ties, leather belts, wallets, leather articles, leather bags, document cases, briefcases, sunglasses, gifts and articles of everyday use, etc.

    ●Watches, cameras, films, recorders, small electrical appliances for the use in home, household appliances, photographic instruments, sports goods and toys, etc.

    ●Perfume, cosmetics, ornaments, skin feeders, tablewares, chinawares, crystal glasswares, etc.

    ●Clothing(undershirts, shirts and blouses, coats, sweaters, scarfs, etccc.)and clothing materials, etc.

    ●Cereals and oils(rice, flour, edible oil),fast canned food(milk, meat, fruit, biscuits, instant noodles),condiments( gourmei powder, salad jam, etc)

    ●Shipping materials(polypropylene fibre ropes, paints, gas bottles, daily ship fittings)

    ●Medicine most in use


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