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    Subordinate Enterprises of the Company
    Name Persons in Charge Telephone
    Duty-Free shop Li Haining 865802023085;13906800521
    Duty-Free shop LiuJian 865802023929;13705807585
    Shipping Supply Branch Qiu Wenyong 865802030089;13906809802
    Shipping Supply Branch Liu Yike 865802025835 13705800066
    Shipping Supply Branch Zheng Yanfei 865802030062 13906809161
    Majishan Shipping Supply Branch Zhou Hailong 865805081897;13906801038
    Import & Export Branch Mao Rongfu 865802030062;13587050803
    Supply Service Flow Chart of Duty-Free Goods
    ●Business Approach
    After arriving at Zhoushan port, any international ships in accord with the supplying conditions can send either their agents (Zhoushan Foreign Shipping Company, Zhoushan Foreign Shipping Agency, Zhoushan Huagang Company and Zhonghai Company, etc.) to contact our company or their representatives to contact our company directly to determine the varieties, prices, quantities and modes of settlement of the duty-free articles needed to purchase.
    ●Customs Examination and Approval
    Filling in "the shipment declaration form of bonded goods", with the examination and approval of the customs control section, the goods will be boarded on the ship under the control of the customs officials sent by the customs.
    ●Delivering Goods to Ship
    After the goods are boarded on the ship, the captain will sign on both the "shipment declaration form of bonded goods" and on the "invoice" issued by our company and then affix them for confirmation. And the payment for goods should be settled.
    ●Goods Cancellation After Verification
    Both the "remaining copy for the customs" of the "shipment declaration form of bonded goods" and the "form of cancellation" signed and sealed by the captain should be returned to the customs to cancel after verification.


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